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About us

Smartmax invest ltd

The Smartmax Invest LTD company is an investment holding leading various activities in more than 15 countries of the world.

  • Early investment in shared real estate construction around the world.
  • Hotels sale by TimeShare technology.
  • Investments in the development of international yacht service
  • Investments in research and production of innovative food and dietary supplements
  • Investing in the development of gambling industry in the countries of South-East Asia Developments in the blockchain industry, ICO and IPO of promising companies
  • Investments in stock trading, trading high-yielding assets.
  • Investment in microcredit for individuals.

This online platform Smartmax Invest LTD is a convenient and reliable tool for managing private and corporate assets in order to increase profits and expand the investment portfolio.

Thanks to the efficient distribution of assets by experienced analysts at Smartmax Invest LTD, we have learned how to earn up to 800% of profit per year, of which more than half are returned to our partners as investment income.

Smartmax Invest LTD is legally registered in the UK and possess all legal documents on investment activities worldwide! Any financial relationship between the company and investors takes place on the basis of a formal contract protecting the interests of both parties.

Daily charges

Investors of the company receive their dividends daily, which allows them to be confident in financial stability every day!

Deposit protection

All investments of the company's customers are subject to compulsory insurance in specialized holding funds, so do not worry about the safety of your funds!

24/7 support

Technical experts of Smartmax Invest LTD are ready to answer any question you are interested in.

Investments without borders

The special legal status of the company allows you to accept investments from customers from anywhere in the world!

Payment systems